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A Sense of the Absurd
Press release for the Patto album reissue

Abbots Langley
The story behind Abbots Langley - Ollie and John Halsey's project from

Admiral Halsey
Bevis Frond Nick Saloman's legendary interview with the Timebox, Patto and Rutles drummer. [From Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine, 1992

Akarma Chameleons
The Archive's response to a Record Collector review of a blatant bootleg release

Andy Partridge - PopDose Interview
Paul Janisch managed to put some questions to long-time Ollie freak, Andy Partridge of XTC, via a user-interview facility on the PopDose site.

As Close as You Think
Kevin Ayers album 'featurng Ollie Halsall' - although, such is the extent of his involvement, the credit could almost be reversed.

Bernie Holland, one of the few people to have played with The Pattos - an lived to tell the tale!

Bill Nelson
"Shredding? It was already shredded and dealt with by Ollie before the rest of us caught on!"

Blue Traff
Armand Serra's quest for The Holy Grail - Ollie's famous Gibson SG Custom guitar

Brian Godding
The former Blossom Toes guitarist's recollections of working with his friend, Ollie

Drummer, Juan Javier Martinez's recollections from Madrid 1991.

Caves book
One of the world's shortest books - featuring Ollie's pen and ink drawings

Caves album
The story behind Caves - Ollie Halsall's solo recordings from 1979

Spanish magazine interview from 1983 with Ollie & Zanna Gregmar

Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Recollections of the infamous Sunday morning sporting events at London's Regent's Park

Diamond Jack
The story behind Kevin Ayers' 1983 album.

Doing Your Own Thing
Pete Erskine interview from
New Musical Express, November 1974

Photographs of Tempest in concert at Fano, Italy 1973

Terry Stamp's stories of the Fatsticks album sessions

Filey Bay 1968
Mark Gardiner's photographs from the Timebox summer season at Butlins holiday camp

Forgotten Hero: Ollie Halsall
Tzvi Gluckin's article fromPremier Guitar magazine, November 2014

Francis Dunnery
Couldn't believe my ears when I heard this. Start at 5:00. Spot anything at about 6.00?

Fuzz magazine
Interviews and article by Mikael Jansson from Fuzz magazine, March 1988

Graham Oliver
Saxon front man recall his first encounter with Ollie at Butlins holiday camp

Guitar Technique
reproduced from
Why Are We Sleeping magazine

Guy Mann-Dude
US metal guitarist and dedicated Ollie-freak

Hollywood Bowl
John Greenleigh's Patto photographs from The Hollywood Bowl in 1972

I'm Very Humble
Alan Jones interview from
Melody Maker, July 1974

Interview with Brian Jacobs 1988
Guitar Magazine April 1989
[Japanese edition]

John Etheridge
John's long and varied career includes a number of Halsall-related associations.

Colin Hill's remarkable and recently discovered photographs of Timebox at Kidderminster in 1968

Lovers Leaping
The story behind the Caves tapes and
track-by-track guide

Mainstream Machine
Mike Shefrin and some Mallorcan jazz

Michael d'Albuquerque
The story of the sessions for We May be Cattle & Stalking the Sleeper

Monkey's Bum
Drummer John Halsey recalls te making of the final Patto album

Mucky Duck
Bob Beecher's photographs from The Black Swan [The Mucky Duck, geddit?] in Sheffield.

New York, New York
Annonymous contribution remembering the impact of Ollie's appearances with Kevin Ayers in New York City, May 1980

Reflections on Ollie Halsall's work with Kevin Ayers 1974/1992 by Barry Monks

Incredibly, Ollie's first professional instrument has resurfaced and is in the safe-keeping of Lawrence Reeve

Ollie and Ali
Rutles arranger John Altman's story of a remarkable gig

On the Other Hand . . .
Reviews of John Engel's definitive work on left-handed guitarists Uncommon Sound

Respected Spanish rock journalist Diego A Marique writes in El Pais newspaper 3 June 1992.

Pa Amb Oli
Tomás Graves recounts the story of Ollie's association with the legendary Pa Amb Oli band.

Piper 2000
Francesco Malfatti recalls Patto's appearance in Viareggio, Italy

Player Of The Month
Pete Dowling's Player of the Month from Beat Instrumental, April 1976

Play the Perfect Fool
Liner notes for
Timebox - The Deram Anthology

Roll 'em, Smoke 'em . . .
A restrospective look at Patto's 'Sgt Pepper'

Sal Gorda
An in-depth look at the Spanish film soundtrack album Ollie and Zanna Gregmar contributed to. Complete with some remarkable studio footage.

Sausages! - The Art of Ollie Halsall
In the second part of his recollections, Bernie Holland covers various dinner menus and the creation of a painting - 'La Vogheur Lough''

Give It All Away
A substantial article on Patto by Marco Rossi in the June 2017 issue [#68] of Mojo, the highly respected rock magaine.

Shit, Muck, Err & Grolly
Boxer drummer Tony Newman - who first worked with Ollie in the Kevin Ayers' backing band The Soporifics

Spanish Magazine Interview
A rare insight into Ollie's total involvement in the Spanish music scene of the mid 80's.

Speaking Words of Wisdom
A compendium of classic quotes by Mr Halsall compiled for Ugly Things magazine.

Anders Öhman recalls Patto in Sweden, 1972

String Thing
An extraordinary account of guitar maintenance.

The Outertunes
A Nollirarity

The Rockin' Pattos
Unused liner notes for
A Sense of the Absurd CD

The Sex Beatles
The tory of Olli'es association with the Mallorcan 'punk' band and their performance at The Selva Rock Festival in 1981.

The Strange Case of Ollie Halsall
A much-deserved acknowledgement by none less than Gibson themselves of Ollie's [albeit unofficial] endorsement of their guitars

The Torrington
Memories of one of the Pattos' favourite venues.

This Absurd Little Band
Warts & All review reproduced from
Why Are We Sleeping magazine

This Wonderful Life
Harry Shapiro's article on Patto in Mojo magazine #94 September 2001

To Bee or not to Bee
A discussion of Bob Beecher's remarkable photograph

Top Ten
Terry Theise's Electric Guitar Top Ten from Guitar magazine, January 1977

Traveling Show Part 1
The Serendipitous & Surreal
Six-Stringed Life & Times Of Ollie Halsall
by Ralph Heibutzki [reproduced by kind permission of Ugly Things magazine]

Traveling Show Part 2

Traveling Show Part 3

Uncommon Sound
The Ollie Halsall chapter from John Engel's gargantual work Uncommon Sound

Under the Blossom
David Wells' sleeve notes for the Tempest album, Under the Blossom

Vivian Stanshall
Dean Cole's reminiscences, photos and audio interview with Ollie Halsall following Vivian's 1991 London concerts

Warts and All
John Halsey on the Pattos' only live album

Way Ahead
Boxer article from Way Ahead magazine 1976

Way and Hal
lA marriage made in . . . hell? A most unlikely but, by the same token, obvious partnership.

Woody Tone
An article produced in association with this website for the rock gear blog.

Zanna Gregmar Speaks'Round One'
Zanna Gregmar Speaks'Round Two'
A two-part interview with Zanna Gregmar by Ralph Heibutzki 2012

Zooming in on Boxer
A substantial and informative Trouser Press article from 1976.


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