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The Mucky Duck
Bob Beecher

Abbots Langley

Warts & All
Patto live at The Black Swan Sheffield 1972

Archive recording by Patto drummer John 'Admiral' Halsey. The only Patto 'in concert' recording available

- The solo on Let It Rock alone is worth the purchase price!


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Abbots Langley

Abbots Langley
Ollie Halsall with John Halsey


The Ollie Halsall solo album

The Black Swan ['Mucky Duck', geddit?]on Snig Hill, Sheffield was one of The Pattos' favourite venues. These photographs were taken on the night of the Patto reunion in 1975.

I am currently trying to find out if the photographer is still in Sheffield. He would take a batch of every band and advertise them the following week in the pub and the local paper.

At one show ,I can't remember exact date, the band decided to form a human pyramid on stage. Guess who was the idiot that volunteered to climb to the top? And I wasn't exactly lightweight at the time.

I also remember one show where Clive performed naked for a set. We loved 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho' [The Dwarf;s Chorus] as the four dwarves knelt on the floor with their shoes under their knees, 'Shakin All Over', with Ollie jumping off the cabinets to perform the solo. Pure magic

Terry the landlord from the Swan is still alive and living in Grimsby according to the Sheffield forum.

Bob Beecher 2009

John Halsey

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