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Please avoid [like the plague] the Akarma release Ducks in Flight - The Lost Jazz Album which is an unauthorised bootleg of the bonus tracks from A Sense of The Absurd [together with, perversely, Teachers from the later Boxer album Bloodletting. All these tracks are available to listen online here.

Record Collector, July 2006

The Archive's response:

'Lost Jazz Album' -
my arse!

I am appalled to see  Record Collector, lending credibility to the Akarma release 'Patto -  Ducks on Flight: The Lost Jazz Album' . It does not, as suggested ,  feature "unreleased tracks or unreleased versions of known tracks". On the contrary, as the review acknowledges, they are in fact "...collected on the Sense Of The Absurd album". The exception being the inexplicable 'bonus' selection, Teachers - which is isn't even by the same band

This is nothing more than a 'bootleg' thrown together by a bunch of cowboys, who have no rights to the recordings and have simply lifted them from commercially available CDs. We could all do that, and I am shocked that that RC appears to condone the practice. Having already marketed dubious versions of Patto and Hold Your Fire, Akarma next saw fit to issue a travesty of the group's unreleased album Monkey's Bum, the source of which was an incomplete and flawed, nth generation cassette copy traded between fans. More recently they did the same with Patto contemporaries, Blossom Toes. A Record Collector investigation into the dealings of such people seems long overdue - although, as Toes guitarist Brian Godding

will tell you, the Italian 'label' are hardly forthcoming with their explanations.

So, to clarify the situation, the current authorised Patto, and related, catalogue comprises: Mercury's aforementioned  Sense of the Absurd (Patto and Hold Your Fire plus all the out-takes); Edsel's Roll 'em, Smoke 'em, Put Another Line Out; Admiral Records' Warts and All (drummer John Halsey's splendid live album) ; Deram's Timebox Anthology, Virgin's Below the Belt  and Bloodletting (Boxer) and Market Square's Caves (guitarist Ollie Halsall's solo album) . Until the forthcoming official release of Monkey's Bum , you would be better off downloading a complete and far better version from the Ollie Halsall Archive site.

Ultimately, of course, it is the dealers - particularly the myriad of online 'specialist' shops - who must shoulder much of the responsibility for desecrating these back catalogues. Sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, protestation is generally met with depressing indifference. Anyway, must go now - I am about to carve up a couple of Beatles' CDs and re-release them as new product. I look forward to your review of this new 'album'.

The Ollie Halsall Archive
18 June 2006

[Not published. Perhaps, unsurprisingly]